The Carter Diaphragm Pump

The Carter diaphragm pump is a proven design with over 60 years of reliable service in the market place. Furnished throughout the years with a variety of drives, including diesel and gasoline engines, gears and chain drives.

Today the Carter diaphragm pump is driven by an inverted duty motor coupled directly by a metal flexible coupling to the pump main shaft.

Ideal for services requiring the transfer, metering and pumping of heavy slurries containing grit and sludge.

Self-priming, can operate dry

High efficiency requiring a significantly smaller motor lowering energy costs.

Operates at a maximum speed of 60 RPM, reducing wear and maintenance and allowing the pumping of high viscosity fluids

Utilizes ball check valves adding life to the diaphragm and pump body as the pressure on the suction and discharge pipe is taken up by the ball valve.

Utilizes a spring loaded diaphragm connector rod that absorbs the shock and eliminates diaphragm failure due to deadhead operation and passage of large solids through the housing.

Capable of 300 GPM while operating at 60 RPM with 25 Ft. suction lifts and 50 Ft. Total Dynamic Heads.

Simple replacement of the diaphragm only requires the loosening of three bolts and three screws taking approximately 30 minutes. In comparison other pumps require numerous man-hours, regardless of whether they are of double-disc, progressive cavity or hose pump design.