Over seventy five years ago, the Carter Pump was introduced to the water & wastewater treatment market by the Ralph B. Carter Company to handle raw and activated sludge and slurries produced during treatment processes. Within ten years Carter Pump extended its product line to include both pneumatic ejectors and diaphragm pumps.

Carter Pump has been installed in thousands of tough and demanding applications involving various sludge and slurries in industrial and municipal facilities. The simple but rugged mechanical design, reduced operating speeds, and quality materials of construction enabled these pumps to provide years and in many cases decades of dependable service. Many of the Carter Plunger pumps installed twenty, thirty, and even forty years ago, are still being utilized by wastewater treatment facilities today.

Carter's simple modular mechanical pump design makes it easy to install, operate and maintain a Carter Pump. Today the Carter Pump is widely recognized as the most reliable positive displacement pump utilized by treatment facilities around the world.

Carter plunger pumps are available in a wide range of materials to provide superior wear resistance and years of extended service life in tough applications involving solids or sludge. Special materials are available for corrosive, highly abrasive, or aggressive applications. Carter offers complete application, technical support. For more information contact the factory or your local authorized representative.

Repair services are provided through a global network of factory service engineers and representatives who can assist with the installation, training, and pump repairs or re-builds and a large inventory of parts are available for any plunger pump for immediate shipment.

At Carter Pump, customer service is not just a department it is a philosophy for which we accept excellence, and nothing else!


Mike Gauthier: "This is our Carter Sludge Pump and it�s been in operation for 63 years and it�s been a real work horse for us."
Bob McGowan and Larry Carter: "We've been working with the Carter Pump for 40 years, and it's a very dependable piece of equipment we recommend it highly to everyone."